Below is a list of the committees which the McDole PTO oversees.

While the Coordinator positions for the 2015-2016 school year have been filled, each coordinator (sometimes desperately!) needs a team of volunteers throughout the year in order to make their program or event happen and be successful.

Feel free to review the below list to see which committee(s) might be of interest to you and sign up.   We’d love for you to join the team!

Committee (Chairperson(s))
Assemblies (Robyn Lycan)
Box Tops & Other Retail Programs (Laura Somerlot)
Daddy-Daughter Dance (Denise Corbett)
Dining Out For McDole (t.b.d.)
Fall Fun Run (Teresa Ridolfi & Tim Moran)
Family Fun Night (Jen Blackmore)
Field Day (Jen Buckley)
Fun Lunch (Alma Pilz & Kristen Schimmel)
Kindness Campaign (Cathy Stein)
Mom-Son Fling (Michalene Catanzaro & Sonia Lange)
Raffle Baskets (Heidi Palatine)
Reading Incentives (Michelle Dillenburg)
Room Coordinators (Holly Poss)
Spirit Wear (Robyn Lycan)
Talent Show (Shannon Enorense)
Teacher Appreciation Week & Luncheon (Kim Fennewald)
Teacher Conference Dinner (t.b.d.)
Technology & Social Coordinator (Dave Wagner)
Tool Box Kits (Shannon Enorense)
Trivia Night (Lynn Andrae)
Yearbook Coordinator (Cathy Slou)


Important Note:
Any PTO event that does not meet the full compliment of volunteers required by the stated deadline is subject to cancellation.  If your child or children are interested in this event, please consider volunteering your time and efforts.